Massage - 30 minutes

Massage - 30 minutes

Massage has many benefits, like improving blood and lymph circulation along with the over all benefits on relaxation and well being. Massage can elimit scar tissue and other minor issues helping us feel and preform better. 

Sports massage can help before a training session or event to prepare muscle tissue so that you are in top form and get more out of the session/event. Sports massage can also be used during a session for the same reson and after a session/event for faster recovery. Massage can even strengthen your immunsystem, improving your ability to fight infections. All this and it feels great!


    All Cancellations must be received at least 24 hours before your training session in order to avoid being charged for your session. Clients who do not cancel with 24 hours’ notice will be charged for the cancelled session.


  • Massage Intake and Consent Form

    Prior to having a massage you need to fill in the 'Massge Intake Form' and the 'Consent Form'.