Training made easy. We offer 15 minute HIIT Metabolic Circuit training at your office. Not only does this fit into a busy schedule, it has also been scientifically proven to deliver better results than classic resistance or cardiovascular training.

High Intensity Interval Training and your mitochondria. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an important aspect of maintaining healthy mitochondria, giving a manyfold increase in energy levels, slowing down the body's ageing process and having a profound effect on overall health. Metabolic Circuits, a type of HIIT, are intense, effective and highly efficient.

So what is a Metabolic Circuit? A Metabolic Circuit is interval training coupled with resistance training done at very high intensity, ensuring that you get the heart benefits of doing cardio together with the muscle-building benefits of weight training. A key benefit of Metabolic Circuit training is that it raises the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) with the positive effects of the exercise session continuing long after it has finished. A session lasts for 15 minutes.

Get fit and stay fit in the time it takes to grab a coffee!


Direct Debit: £20 per session

Pay as you go: £250 for 10 sessions or £30 per single session

No time wasted - large wet deodorised towels handed out post-training

Email us on info@metaboliccircuit.com for more information

Now available at Weworks’ 15+ London locations. Find one near you!