Book my one-to-one online training sessions and my optimal, personalised nutrition plan from anywhere in the world.

Metabolic Circuit offers HIIT training in person or online. Get fit in less time than having a cup of coffee. 'Fit in 15' is a personalised training program, developed specifically for those with limited time - a full body workout in 15 minutes. As of 2021, it can be complimented with 'Nutrition for Weightloss' and 'Massage' (in person).



I am a great believer in moderation, however short burst of stresses with adequate rest can have amazing benefits for your mitochondria (the energy factories which play a major role on our metabolism). This is what I base my ideas and work on for my company, Metaboilc Circuit.

I have worked as a Personal Trainer in the City of London offering 15 minutes HIIT sessions, for many years. Recently, I added Nutrition for Weightloss and Massage to complement my training and offer a comprehensive package to boost your overall health.



It is amazing how much of a work out you can get in 15 minutes!! Annika is brilliant and the sessions are always varied and push me more than I would ever push myself.  It's so handy being able to go for a good work out but only be away from my desk for less than half an hour.  I highly recommend these sessions.

Sarah B

This is my new life hack, the Wework metabolic sessions, absolutely something else. I have two, 15 minute sessions/week and have never been fitter (used to go to gym) takes no time out of my day, seriously try this out guys!

James Swanston

Annika has changed my life. I have always loved food and wine, hated exercise and been so weak that even the easiest workout made me feel out of breath. For the first time in my life I look forward to training and I understand its benefits. My sciatica is now almost non existent, my neck pain is infinitely improved, my stress levels are much better, my body feels and looks more toned and I hardly ever get ill. She is so body positive and encouraging and I have her to thank for it.

Maria B


Upcoming Events

  • Wellness Week in France
    Sat, 17 May
    Les Gets
    17 May 2025, 18:00 BST – 24 May 2025, 12:00 BST
    Les Gets, Les Gets, France
    In May we are starting our wellness week in the French alps. post-civid-19 vaccination and pre-summer. join us on a healthy journey with walks, training sessions, massage, saunas, nutritious food and fun.



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